Grand Rapids Area Youth Football League

We are dedicated to offering kids Grades 4th through 6th the opportunity to be apart of the Grand Rapids Football family and learn the fundamentals of football, the value of teamwork all while having fun doing it.

The focus of this league is to introduce kids to tackle football and teach and develop player skills in a safe manor. Defensive schemes and offensive plays although simplified will mirror Grand Rapids Football programs they will see in the future. This will help the kids take steps as they go through Youth Football, Middle School, and High School programs.

  • We will again be offering 4th graders their own league. This will be a “intro to tackle football” league which will be a more simplified program then the 5th and 6th grades will see. There will still be games played and separate teams made up of 4th graders only. More information will be coming in the future so be sure to keep checking the website for updates.

  • The 5th and 6th grade league will be full 11-man tackle like past youth football seasons. Number of teams depends on total kids registered so be sure checking the website as we will be updating the information as it comes available.

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Youth Football Coaches Needed!

  • We will be holding coached training sessions throughout the summer for anyone interested in coaching either 4th grade or 5th and 6th. It is extremely important to find coaches well before the season starts as we need to have time familiarize new coaches with the program. Coaches will receive hands on training along with full detailed playbooks and practice plans. We have 2 seasoned youth football past coaches along with varsity personnel to help coaches through the season. Please, interested coaches please contact Buck Florek at (218) 259-2000 or Chris Rychart at (218) 929-2906 for more details.